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Hello, my name is Terri Croft. I first got involved in Theotherapy while I was at the Tennessee Prison for Women. In 2006, I was sentenced to ten years at 30% for Vehicular Homicide by DUI. Never had I imagined that one day I would take someone’s life and end up in prison. I was devastated. By the time I arrived at prison, I had lost all hope. I had killed someone, lost my mother, lost my boyfriend of twelve years to cancer and then lost my freedom…all in 2006. I hadn’t felt so alone and powerless…ever! I had no hope of recovering from this. I had been so used to numbing the pain that when I no longer could, it felt like I had hit a brick wall at 120 mph. I blamed myself and everyone that had ever hurt me. My self-esteem was so low; I couldn’t even look up…or look at myself in the mirror. I hated myself. I just wanted to hide under the covers and never come out.

Theotherapy has helped me make sense of the past and make peace with it so I can move on. I’m getting to know the real me, the new me. For the first time I love myself! A friend had suggested that I go to Theotherapy. I went not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find other ladies having similar situations…so I didn’t feel alone anymore. I had found a place where I fit in perfectly.

They didn’t judge me, nor I them. We had a common bond. I was amazed by the ladies who shared their stories. As I listened to them share and to Mark teach, I finally was learning the answers to why and how my life had become so messed up. It wasn’t too late! There is hope! I slowly began to share my own story and thus began my own pilgrimage of healing. The past was being confronted and dealt with. Unforgiveness was being peeled away layer by layer. My beliefs about the past were changing. I understood now that it was my thinking that needed renewed and my feelings affirmed.

Theotherapy has helped to open my eyes and soften my heart to where I could give forgiveness not expecting anything in return. I’m discovering who I am and who I want to become, all while enjoying the journey.

Thank you Mark West for bringing Theotherapy into the prisons. It is continuing to help me every day. I will always want to be a part of Theotherapy. There is nothing like God’s healing.



I was filled with disappointments, hurt, anger, bitterness and depression.  I spent so many years of my life pushing all that pain to the bottom of my soul until one day it landed me in prison.  I wanted to change my life so I signed up for the Theotherapy Project hoping and praying for something different…I just didn’t know what it was I was looking for.  I signed up for the class and was completely surprised because it opened my eyes to life and healing.  Theotherapy helped me to deal with the pain of the past and it has given me hope for the future.  I’ve learned how important it is to have a relationship with God.  I’m so thankful for Theotherapy and I continue to use what I have learned in my relationships with others.  I view God and my life differently because of Theotherapy.  I’m grateful for this program and I hope that it continues on.


Johnny - Inmate Facilitator and Spanish Translator
Johnny – Inmate Facilitator and Spanish Translator

I am a firm believer that with the grace of God and the love we hold for those who are dear to us, we will be motivated not only to attempt to make great changes in our lives but also to face past experiences and traumas no matter how small or big they may have been. I was once asked a question by a person whom I love very much as to why violence was an instinct for me. My answer was, “I don’t know”. As I sat there in silence for a couple of seconds looking into the only eyes that I felt had ever really known me looking at me like I was a total stranger, I felt helpless. I asked her, “Do you not feel safe being around me?” Her response left me close to missing out on what I consider to be the healthiest and most purifying relationship I had ever shared with anyone.

I vowed to take anything available in whatever institution I was transferred to in order to find out the answer to that question. My journey with Mark West and Theotherapy began when an acquaintance of mine invited me to a class that as he put it, “…was good for the certificate”, not knowing that I would get much more than I bargained for once I started to participate. I learned the answers to questions I didn’t even know I had within me that were all bottled up. I learned that I can’t hold on to traumas and issues that have been passed down thru the generations of my family…that I have to resolve them in healthy ways. I had to learn the principles of healing needed to stop the destructive cycles and to help others in my family stop the patterns that had been so devastating in my family.

There is nothing more precious than family. I continue on this new path I am walking that I truly hope brings long term healing and restoration to my life and to others I care about.


Issues with people who had hurt me as well as people that I had hurt crowded my mind so much that at times I thought I was either crazy or close to becoming crazy.After arriving in prison, I began taking groups and classes to help me deal with my past. One day I saw that a class called Theotherapy was being held in our prison chapel at a time that I could attend, so I opted to take that class in hopes that I could receive more healing in my mind and soul. As the name implied, it was a God based group. I believe Theotherapy is the agent that “brought it all together” for me.Being able to openly share my issues of shame and distrust in a ‘safe’ setting as I listened to others voice their fears & concerns helped me to know God had been and would continue to be in control of my life. Knowing others had suffered through similar situations gave me a feeling of “not being alone”. Theotherapy provided me the tools to grieve the past by openly voicing my thoughts of shame and regrets to those I had hurt and to those who had hurt me. Some of these people were no longer alive and others would not permit me to speak to them face to face due to the hurt I had caused.

If you sincerely want help to heal from your past, I recommend Theotherapy. I would like to thank Mark West for his dedication in taking the program to a world of hurting women…Tennessee Prison for Women. For this one, Theotherapy made a difference.


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  1. Donna Pearson Donna Pearson

    I was incarcerated for six years at TPFW. I was released in May .Theotherapy taught me how to surrender to God and that He is a God of love and forgiveness. Mark lead me to forgiving myself and others which in turn allowed God to open my eyes and heart to start to live life under a new perspective. Mark went on to be the one who baptized me in 2012 and really started a fire in me to walk with Jesus and be a servant to others Thank you God for people like Mark and Dana.

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